Breakout could be the answer to your new years resolution struggles.

Every year we decide we'll try harder at things that will 'make us a better us'. This could be finding more time for family, being more social, drinking less, getting out more, doing something interesting once a month, do more intellectual activities, etc. 

Let's be honest, trying to do so much in one go can be really hard.


Could Breakout be the answer? We lock teams of 2-5 players in a room and they have to solve clues and puzzles to work out their escape. This could be a fantastic thing to do with friends and family this year that doesn't involve drinking, keeps you all active and social and doesn't involve watching telly at home?

With a total of 11 completely different rooms across our two Manchester centers, there's plenty of places and new games to try at Breakout. If you book in advance, it's also a great opportunity to get out and about. So if you new years resolution is to be more sociable, drink less or even save Manchester from a bomb we have the answer.

You'll not be the only one struggling with your resolutions, we can help keep all of you on top of them!

To give us a go or introduce us to friends and family visit to see which room will be best to keep you on track!

Available to Play

*Breakout Manchester operates two centres in manchester, one is located next to the town hall, the other is on High Street, it takes 8 minutes to walk between the two sites. Please pay careful attention to the location that you book.

0161 839 8012