5 Things You Didn't Need To Know This Week

The Floop, Nicole Saltslinger and Bogan Bingo

Written by  Confidential Staff | Follow @ | Friday, 2 December 2016 12:16

These five things dropped into our inbox this week, five things you really don't need to know about... unless you're planning on having a heart attack in Alexandra Park or Chadderton Hall Park.



That’s the Fallowfield Loop Cycle to us. Lord Mayor of Manchester Carl Austin-Behan and his companion got on their bike to highlight new open barriers along the six-mile linear park route: one of Greater Manchester’s most popular traffic-free paths. Once only accessible to normal bikes, it’s now open to trailers, tandems and pretty much every other adaptation of pedal power. It’s just one in a series of appearances for Austin-Behan, who is soon to appear at the Lord Mayor’s annual Christmas carol concert on Thursday 8. 

The Fallowfield Loop was developed by cycling charity Sustrans (credit: Chris Foster)The Fallowfield Loop was developed by cycling charity Sustrans (credit: Chris Foster)



In our ‘5 things...’ feature a couple of weeks back, we mentioned Oldham Council’s competition to name the new gritter in Oldham’s new fleet. Potential monikers snowballed - with suggestions from Gritney Houston to Andy Gritchie - but, ultimately, it’s ‘Nicole Saltslinger’ which had the X Factor. The new recruit joins fellow gritterati like Gritney Spears and Walter the Salter, no doubt soon to prove its salt as winter descends. Also in Oldham this week comes the news that Alexandra Park and Chadderton Hall Park now have defibrillators - which, of course, you do need know if you have a heart attack but otherwise we’d stay well clear. 

021216 Nicole Saltslinger with christener Eve and Cllr HussainNicole Saltslinger with christener Eve and Cllr Hussain



The local station, which is broadcast throughout the UK, is turning six this month - with its personality Georgie K continuing to blast out her signature hip hop, R&B and grime. Confidential was a little bemused, however, by the press release we received on the ‘airwaves queen’, which said: “Her name sends echoes through the industry and along the way has picked up a following of A listers, becoming the DJ of choice for celebrity functions: (from) Justin Bieber at his private party and after party (to)... a celebrity fashion party hosted by JSKY "Fashion Night”. 

From Biebs to... JSky The A-List: from Biebs to... JSky



A dino-mite new attraction will stampede into EventCity in October next year (worry not, we’ll give you a reminder nearer the time).The multi-million pound project will combine theatre, theme park and the latest scientific research to transport families back 60 million years on a 3D adventure to prehistoric surrounds - and there’ll also be chance to trek through herds of the dangerous beasts in an immersive ‘research station’ experience. More info about Dinosaurs in the Wild can be found here

From new attraction is created by the producers behind BBCs Walking with DinosaursThe new attraction is created by the producers behind BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs



When we announced the coming of Bongo’s Bingo to Manchester in October last year, it became one of the month's best-read stories. Jonny Bongo's ‘rambunctious, bastardised and insanely popular take on your Nan's favourite time-passer’ already had a hefty cult following in its native Liverpool and its trip up the M62 to Manchester has proved to be just as big a hit. Now we’re to get another bonkers bongo, this time from a little further afield...Australia to be precise. 

Yes, Bogan Bingo (main image) is coming to Frog & Bucket on Sunday 11 December for a comedy-bingo hybrid like no other. Hosted by two mulleted bogans (Oz’s equivalent of chavs apparently) with a penchant for soft rock, who prance around the stage calling those balls, it’s been a sell-out elsewhere and prizes include a Moroccan holiday. Oo-er. Not much is known about the pair but rumour has it that one may have escaped the set of Neighbours and the other is a former croc wrestler from up Queensland way. Tickets cost £10 from skiddle.com.

.The Bogan's were crap at playing YMCA

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