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We know someone who'd like to get to know you.

Actually, we know quite a few people. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands*, in fact. The readers of our online magazines –, and - are a curious bunch. They like to know everything about what’s going on in and around their cities – including what’s happening at restaurants like yours.

They’re affluent ABC1 professionals (that’s posh advertising speak for people who have lots of dosh to spend on things) who rely on us to keep them informed about where to eat, drink, visit and spend their money.

It’s advertising – but it’s not advertising that people can ignore in the corner of a page. Imagine if you could employ someone to ring 350,000 people all day every day and tell them about what you have to offer. That’s essentially what we do.

Why not visit our sites to get an idea for yourself of the type of things they’re interested in? And if you think they’ll be interested in you (and we’re pretty confident they will be), get in touch by calling 0161 832 2880 or complete the form on the right.